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SA Achievements not unlocking for Windows 10

OP BtC Nasty Nick

I am a simple Halo achievement hunter and have run into a wall. I have all challenges unlocked (90/90) but neither the "Extra Credit" or "A for Effort" achievement unlocked. My heart is broken and could use some help.

Thanks in advance,
BtC Nasty Nick
Were you playing cross platform?
No. I have both versions of the game.
No. I have both versions of the game.
I think that's what cross-platform means.

You have played the game sometimes on one system, and sometimes on another?

There are 4 version IIRC


Where have you played it?
I've played all of them on separate devices. Still not unlocking.
Looking at your service record, you haven't played it on Windows Phone yet.
So according to Waypoint, you haven't played all of them. You've only played 3 versions.

That aside, as far as 'a for effort' and 'extra credit' go, they might be glitched, if you were playing this on multiple platforms.

I would suggest you complete all of operation f on windows 10, as it looks like from your record you only played the final level.

Unfortunately though, it might be truly glitched. I read a while ago that the only way to trigger the achievement on more than one platform is to complete a weekly challenge. This is because the game transfers the challenges from one version to the next, not letting you re-complete them, but for some reason does not trigger the achievement. The workaround was to complete a weekly challenge. But I don't think those are running anymore. I'm sorry you might be out of luck.

I suggest trying to play all of operation f missions.
Or try playing the game offline on windows 10 - maybe it will allow you to re-complete a challenge?
I'm in a similar situation for Spartan Strike. Although I am at 88/90 objectives complete. I didn't want to get to 90/90 yet until an answer about what to do comes though.

I've gotten a response by message from 343 that they will take a look at it - I'll update you when I get a response.
I had referenced your situation to them as well.

[Update edit]

I managed to get the achievement on both platforms with a method described in this link.
I understand this won't work for you, and have asked the team I spoke with to try to investigate for people in your situation.

*crosses fingers*