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Spartan Strike FAILURE!

OP Jag Gladiator

Spartan Strike FAILURE! Meaning the game starts and logs me in but will not proceed past the 'select primary input' screen. Hence, it is frozen there and useless. Failure! Also, the cursor vanishes from the game screen, though it appeared when I connected my mouse. But, that did not change anything.
Still FROZEN! Not good, wish I could play. ??????
Any suggestions?
Jag, sorry to hear that you're running into issues playing Spartan Strike. Can you give me some details about your setup? Are you running Windows 10? Are you running the Windows Store version of the Steam version of Spartan Strike? Do you have a touch screen? Are you using a Steam controller?

I am having crash issues with both games on my iPad Pro. It crashes at the title screen.
I am also having the crash issue when trying to launch on iPad Pro. And it seems I am not the only one. Would like to have it running asap or my money back.