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[Locked] What I want to see in Halo 6 AI RISING

OP nickb158

1. FireFight (no xbox live gold) I want to do firefight without help
2.AI help Iwant to play against Ai
3.Your sparten Campian create a sparten and do the campian as he or she (Hero such as blue team and Osiris Avalibel)
4.Make a eleam for your gun or tag I want to make a eleam
6.Choose witch graphics you want like halo 1 2 3 4 5 3 ODST
7. halo mini games insted of opening packs to get stuff how about mini games.
8.ReQ points should be called sparten money and sparten money should buy cards not cards that hold stuff like other cards insted should buy A card.
Hey OP, there are plenty of wish list styles thread in the General Discussion forums. Feel free to add your thoughts / ides to an active topic