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anyone up for some Halo wars 1 online play

OP SecludedZebra36

Anyone up to play some Halo wars 1 online with me my username is my gamertag so message me over xbox live and I will be on today after I am done with my class here at NWTC and I like to play as the UNSC leaders over the Covenant leaders are not as good as the UNSC leaders but I tend to use only 4 of the six leaders in this game I do not use Anders cause I find her to hard to play as in my attempts to play as her during offline skirmishes is that she justs gets upgrades for half price that cutter and Forge have to pay in order to upgrade her troops and even though it takes half the time to upgrade as well I just prefer to play as cutter or forge I need two others to play with me on their team before I play online I think I need to play against the AI with two other people first cause I am getting angry with the AI in the game they just do nothing except rush me with leaders and if I am playing against three UNSC and I am the Covenant I get Vulture rushed. I need help playing as the Arbiter or the Brute Chieftain in this game so do message me or reply to this post.
I'll be sure to hit you up sometime When I'm Playing multiplayer. My usernames Deadhawk40
Add me - I still play random 3s fairly often. I want to start playing a little more as Postums told me he was looking into getting the leaderboard reset when they go in to shutdown the website/online services at the end of the month. Hopefully it happens! GT: Dricas88