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Choose 5 Of Your Favorite Moments

OP Turtle Boy 1999

Choose one cutscene/moment from each Halo game where Chief is a main character. (CE, 2, 3, 4, 5).

For me-

CE- The Flood reveal. Even the objective panicked (Objective: "ESCAPE!")

2- SBBDS: Spartan Based Bomb Deliver System/ the "Giving the Covenant back their bomb" moment.

3- The End/ "Were it so easy". I like this one because it kinda shows the friendship between Arby and Chief.

4- Driving the Pelican Gunship. Need I say more?

5- Chief/Locke fight. That was sadly a high point for Halo 5.
1 - the warthog run in Halo CE, it was a pain to do but it was fun none the less
2 - driving the scorpion in "Assault on the control room" or even that entire level for that matter
3 - agreeing with you, the SBBDS
4 - actually getting to fight the prophet of regret on instillation 05
5 - again agreeing, flying the pelican gunship, one of my only favorite moments of halo 4
  • Halo 3 Warthog run
  • Halo 2 Delta Halo Gondolas
  • The Arbiter killing Truth
  • Sgt. Johnson saying," Oh, I know what the ladies like."
  • Stepping onto Halo in CE
  • Once i played Halo CE and i was on the mission Truth and Reconciliation, which is also my favorite song. I was moving up the cliffs and ran into a few grunts. i chose to throw a plasma grenade at the grunts. So i did. One grunt chose to jump off the cliff as an evasion due to the grenade that was on the grounds next to it. I was with my friends at the time and they where watching me play Halo CE on my computer and they saw exactly what i saw. we both freaked out into incurable laughter. That was my favorite moment in Halo CE.
  • Once i was playing Halo 3 on the level Cortana on legendary. I was just chilling by a corner waiting for my shield to recharge and suddenly I hear Cortana talking broadcasting on all frequencies in high charity, and she said, "You like games?...So do I." and i freaked the hell out. I just realized what it meant and why Cortana said that or should i say what Catherine said to john when she first met him. I immediately paused my game and yelled," what the hell just happened. No this way!" That was my favorite moment in Halo 3 only because i read halo fall of reach. Yes i actually read.
  • My favorite moment in Halo:Reach is when Cathrine gave her speech on noble 6 and the music and the last orchestral note and the white screen made it all feel unrealistically Dreamy and Epic. It gives me chills just righting about it. 10/10 ending Bungie. I miss you.
  • My favorite moment in halo 2 is the speech the half-jaw gave to the covenant and how he tells the arbiter,"these are my Elites. there lives matter. Yours do not". and the Arbiters response,"that makes two of us." and the great Honorable Elite theme plays.
These are my most favorite moments
  1. The whole mission of Halo 3's "The Covenant"
  2. Halo CE's "Truth and Reconciliation"
  3. Halo 2 Bring back their bomb cinematic
  4. Halo CE Warthog run
  5. Halo 3 Warthog run