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Complete Halo campaign on PC

OP Moofreak


Is it feasible to think, that 343 industries alongside Microsoft will ever release the complete Halo saga on PC?
What about Halo 6 at the very least?
I have tried googling it - it's difficult to find any official statement, this worries me.

I have owned all Xbox consoles including of course all Halo games. Playing through the campaigns have been some of the most enjoyable experiences I have ever had gaming wise, and probably in general - I would like to repeat this with my kids (got two of the kind :P ) and maybe my girlfriend, although she is not so much into gaming.

I just think it is really sad that the amazing Halo games are locked into one platform - especially the remakes/remastered ones.
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Halo CE - Already on PC with a reasonably big community and is currently supported by Bungie. Also has a free add on in the form of Custom Edition, with a large amount of player made custom campaigns and multiplayer maps.

Halo 2 - Already on PC. This version of the game is playable in Campaign but has no official multiplayer. It is known for its bugs and has a very small community.

Halo 3 - Not on PC, though given Halo Online uses a variation of the Halo 3 engine, part of the work is already done. It is possible for this to happen in the future though it will likely be a part of MCC.

Halo 3 ODST - Same as Halo 3.

Halo Reach - Engine is not ported/running on PC at the moment. It could happen in the future but would require porting the engine.

Halo 4 - May work as Halo 4 runs on x86 as per the MCC on Xbox One. Still would likely require modifications and may take time.

Halo 5 - H5:Forge is already on PC so 343 could in theory port the rest of Halo 5 Guardians since the H5 engine is already running on PC.

Halo 6 - More than likely as all Xbox exclusives are set to be on PC in the future.

For H1-H4, MCC will likely be the best way to play if the game is ported to PC. However, this won't happen until the core game is fixed on Xbox. For now, I recommend trying Halo 1 on PC as it is still active to this day and has a nice community. For the rest, we're going to have to wait.
I have the feeling that Microsoft and 343i are gearing up for the MCC to release on PC sometime in the future, probably after the update for the Xbox One X is complete.
I would like to play Halo 5 SP on PC one day but it's most likely not happening.

What we know for sure is that Halo 6 will not be exclusive to Xbox, so that's good, and Microsoft and 343i would be awfully smart to release some past Halo games on PC.
"We have stated a number of times that our future games (starting with Halo Wars 2 and Halo Wars 1 on Steam) will be coming for Xbox and PC. So if there was a "Halo 6" it would by that logic come to PC." On the Resetera forums.

Halo 1 & 2 are virtually unavailable on PC, so for PC gamers Halo 6 will be their first mainline FPS Halo in years and that's one hell of a jump going from zero to 6.
Hence why I think the MCC is coming to PC, this fall.

Halo 5 however ? Well forge is on PC but that's a very small portion, the complete MP + SP would be great but I would not bet anything of value on it. Halo 1-4 would be great already especially since 343i are enhancing the games visually for the One X.
I doubt it'll happen any time soon, maybe in like 5 years or the next big anniversary. Either way, I wouldn't even be able to run the newer halo games on my potato machine.
Maybe we'll see something a few years down the road but between working on the big patch for MCC and Halo 6 (or whatever the next big Halo game is), 343i is busy and hard at work. Once the dust settles from the next game, maybe they'll look into doing something for PC but right now, all focus is on Xbox
Halo 6 will most likely be on PC considering Microsoft said they're putting all their future 1st party titles on PC (Forza 7 and Horizon 3, Halo Wars 1 and 2, Gears of War 4, Sea of Thieves, Crackdown 3 etc etc).

When they put their foot down on the Halo 3 mod for PC they said they're aware of the want for a classic Halo experience on PC and are excited about making it a reality, so who knows.