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Favourite Moments From Halo 3 ODST

OP Asher Savelli

I've been really missing the Rookie from ODST and I'm thinking of playing the game again. Meanwhile I want to know some other experiences people have had on this beautiful game.
Holding that silenced SMG in the dark and rainy night!
Finding dead Elites and Brutes from dark buildings, and imaging their batles.
Encoutering Engineers for first time.
Cut scene where that Brute Chieftain fights against Romeo and others.
Flying in Banshee and defending your team in that Phantom.
This game is just so beatifull.
Besides 2 this is my favorite campaign, I don't know how to describe it, it seems sad and bold at the same time. My favorite non cutscenes was when you got to drive a Ghost off a cliff as Dutch or defending an evacuation zone with rocket pods. My favorite cutscene was either the Romeo beat down or Johnson's.