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Free dlc announcement?

OP Snipe N21

Can anyone think of a way to inform the people playing Halo 3 that the dlc is free? The population was almost 2,000 today and nobody touched any of the dlc required playlists. I also didn't run into a single dlc map.

Next time I log on I'll probably put something in my file share about the dlc being free and hope someone sees it and downloads the dlc. Plug my mic in and tell people who have mics also.

Anyone have any ideas? This kinda limits play for no good reason.
A notice post on the Halo 3 main menu would be a good idea and wouldn't take much for 343 to do.
I mean there is an announcement on waypoint about it but I think hardly any of the community comes on here that often. I think they should came out with a trailer for it. Although what I think is going to happen is that when the BC Halo titles release, there will be a trailer for it and within that trailer it will tell that the DLC is free. However I don't think many people in the community knoelws that's free now.