Anything that is about halo 2! Doesn't matter what it is only if it is about halo 2
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Scarab Gun! Superbouncing! Burial Mounds!
I really wish sword flying worked in campaign. I know it's technically possible, but it's not even worth considering and can't be done while zoomed in.
The Arbiter is the greatest mission of all time!! OF ALL TIME!!!
The best mission was the last one.
Another one was regret or alpha halo
Halo 2 was my first halo game and it's my favorite one
Probably my favourite Halo if not it's a close second the Halo 3
Halo 2 Energy is the best and is a weapon of mass destruction. Halo 2 Rocket Launcher was a monster as it tracked everything in it's path. Duelwielding was beautiful and was better then the version we have in Halo 2A. Best Campaign in the series.
Halo 2 is one of the best halos if not the best the gameplay the music everything on it was legendary long live to H2 the king of FPS in my opinion
now the title caused me to think about lot of memories from Halo 2. Those were the days. A golden age for Halo. Still play it every once in a while. Its just so good.