It's the only Halo game I can't get to connect to Xbox live with and I got a gold account and I heard they shut down the halo 2 servers.i don't believe it bc then y wld they leave all the other halo servers on.makes no sense
Halo 2 was originally released for the very first Xbox console, as such as ran on the first iteration of Xbox Live. The second iteration of Xbox Live launched with the 360 and for a while both services ran alongside one another. Those services were eventually shut down back in 2010 and as such Halo 2 was shut down as well. The only way to play Halo 2 matchmaking now is in MCC.

Regarding the other Halo games, they all launched on the 360 so are set for the current generation of Xbox Live
Thxs stckrboy that actually makes sense.bc they re not current,they pretty much got shut down.