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Halo 3 Achievement Help

OP Krisander 1998

I have 73/79 Achievements on Halo 3 and those last 6 achievements that I'm still trying to get is:
Campaign Complete: Heroic
Campaign Complete: Legendary (Only have 1 map left, at the end but its so damn difficult alone)
Overkill (Get 4 Kills After Each Other in Lone Wolves)
Reclaimer (Get 15,000 Points on Halo [The Last Campaign Map])
Vidmaster Challenge: Annual (Finish Halo [The Last Map] With 4 Player Online Coop With Iron Skull on While Leaving With Ghosts)
Pull (Get a Shotgun Spree on Citadel)
Save This Film (Get a Perfection Medal [15 Player Kill Streak] on a Mythic Map)
I need help with the Vidmaster Challenge and Legendary Campaign Achievement (the rest as well, but I only want more people to play Halo 3. Don't want to be boosted). I'll gladly help anyone else in Halo 3 with they're achievements if you need help :) (but I will not boost anyone)
Edit: I got the Heroic & Legendary Campaign Completion achievement today, so now I have 74 of 79 achievements! :D :)
Look up "Halo Completionist" on Youtube. His channel helps!
I also need the overkill achievement