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Halo 3 Custom Games

OP JLtheStoneWall

Because no longer facilitates custom file downloads for Halo 3, we should have a hub for users who still have Halo 3 custom games and maps on their file shares, for ease of access. I believe that someone has to either be on your friend's list or at least receive an invite to have their file share accessed by other players.

So, who's got custom files?
I have ghostbusters, trash compactor and duck hunt (sandbox version) on my file share. I also have a bunch of other misc ones not on my file share. I'm still trying to acquire termites and jenga though, if anyone has them please let me know.

Edit: I managed to find some other variants on my old account. If you want some classics maps read below.

Gamertags with infection maps in file share:

CoIIectable - First 2 Ls are capital i

Maps and gametypes in fileshares:

Duckhunt (Foundry and Sandbox versions)
Smeer the -Yoink-
Trash Compactor