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Halo 3 Roll Call Sheet Music

OP Robbie038

Hey, so I'm trying to find free sheet music for all of Halo 3, and the only piece that I can't find sheet music for is Roll Call, the song that plays during the credits of Halo 3. I also play the bass, and I love the bass riff in the song, so it bugs me that I can't find sheet music or even Bass Tabs for Roll Call. Does anyone know where I might find sheet music/tabs for the song?
Hi, I know you said you've searched and can only find the one song, but I happened to just do a quick search and came back with at least 5-6 different songs from Halo 3. I used the Google search engine and just typed in "Halo 3 sheet music" and wa-la! Check it out and see if it helps!
I had the same problem a long time ago. The bassline isn't new to Roll Call, it's actually reused from a Halo 2 track, with a little bit added. The track is titled, "In Amber Clad", and you can find plenty of bass covers/tabs of that online.

Here is the most common result I found, but I haven't tested this one out yet. Keep in mind the lick in Roll Call mixes it up a small amount, but after listening to it a few times and with a little thought, I'm 100% sure you can do it.