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Halo CE: Anniversary - Digital Download Now Avail

OP ske7ch

We just received word that the Halo: CE Anniversary should now be available for digital purchase in the Xbox Marketplace for play on Xbox One!

Please note - The team discovered an issue that required the game to be removed and re-uploaded to the Marketplace. If you purchased a digital version of Halo CE: Anniversary prior to approx. 4PM PT on 9/27, you'll need to delete and re-download in order to ensure that multiplayer works properly.

Enjoy Halo CE: Anniversary on Xbox One!
I downloaded by my disc when back comp launched do I need to reinstall it to buy it digitally?
Halo Anniversary is not working on my xbox one, I have the original disc but it says it can not be played here. Will this now work? following this new information?

I like having the physical discs and not the downloadable one. :(
It´s in xbox 360 or one bro?
Cool cant wait to play silent cartographer on xbox one