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Halo CE Anniversary Graphics vs. Original

OP RenegadeHeart98

Playing back over the original Halo on Xbox and CE Anniversary on Xbox One, I find that I like the original way more. While CE Anniversary did an amazing job at upping the ante on performance and beautiful graphics, the original really succeeds more at giving players a way more in depth nostalgia feel that later Halo games never give. In various areas such as The Pillar of Autumn, it feels more isolated and like you're really in a strange new universe.
I like both the original and anniversary graphics. Some areas of the campaign were done justice with the new graphics, while other parts are better in original.
I agree, but I enjoy both very much. I usually find myself switching back and forth during the same campaign mission. It's always neat to look at comparison in the same spot though and see how much detail went into the remastered compared to where the game began.
Imma just place this here Anyway I agree the original graphics are by far superior in my opinion, I loved the old marine design and everything else CEA’s graphics are reused reach graphics or something else it just feels lazy in areas
For me it depends on which version looks better on which mission. I normally play the campaign in anniversary mode, but for certain missions like the flood and two betrayals, I play in the original version.
I play with the original graphics. I've been playing since the start and it's nostalgic to play in the old school graphics.
I often find myself gravitating towards the old graphics, because there's less visual noise, not to mention the lack of discrepancies with the real geometry and the visible geometry. I also feel like in some areas, especially on 343 Guilty Spark, the original graphics make better job of capturing the atmosphere.

But that sounds like giving too little credit for the work done on the CEA graphics. For the most part, I think CEA does a great job of improving the visual appearance without drifting too far from the original atmosphere.
The weapons do not have such a good design (some), but in the rest of the graphics the anniversary is better
While most would say the original. I still prefer Anniversary
I find Anniversary to be too detailed, with the visuals often being too noisy for me. The best example is 343 Guilty Spark, which I really dislike in Anniversary, as it just ruins the atmosphere.
I think CEA did a good job improving the sky.
Both original and anniversary
Yes OP, I do think the original Halo CE feels more nostalgic than the later games. I believe that, by definition, it kinda has to :P

I do find myself switching the graphics quite a bit. There are certain areas of the game I think look better in classic and some I prefer in the newer graphics. For instance, The Silent Cartographer & inside of the Truth & Reconciliation looks much better in the new graphics, but The Library and Two Betrayals seem better in classic.

Overall though, I do play the game mostly now in the new graphics. I mean, it's got a fresh coat of paint and I sent the better part of a decade looking at it in classic. I like Chief's new armor and I love enhanced color pallet and the awesome needler explosions. It looks nice.

I know a lot of people complained about the Reach assets being used, but that was there for consistency ... which I didn't mind outside of the changing the model of Banshee, but that's a nerdy nitpick. Though I do get the gripe from those who don't like Reach. I guess for them it was like when George Lucas jammed a bunch of Phantom Menace looking CGI nonsense into the original Star Wars trilogy for consistency. I hated that. So I get it. But overall, for me personally, I like the new look.

One thing that would have been really cool would be Blur cutscenes, though Halo CE's cutscenes weren't that heavy on action like Halo 2's were (except the helmet-cam/Flood reveal scene ... that would have been amazing!). I just wanna see that Mark V armor in all of Blur's glory.
I personally prefer the original graphics because its simply what i grew up with. I also prefer the style of some items such as the shotgun and the marine armour. I didn't like how they used the Reach items. Im glad they did better in Halo 2 anniversary but i prefer some of the old sounds there as well such as the energy sword and the tank machine gun.