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Halo CE Anniversary History & Experience gone

OP BrettFavreLives

It's 26 August 2018. About 3 or 4 weeks ago I downloaded Halo CE Anniversary. It was great. It had all of the skulls I had found on the 360 and all of the skulls I did not. It had all of the levels I had completed with Halo CE. I did finish the game. I felt it was time to go and collect all of the skulls and get all of the 360 achievements and then complete the Master Chief Collection Achievements for the same game. Everything was going ok from day to day. I stopped playing for about a week and then when I tried to play again all of my histories was gone. All of my missions, gone. All of my skulls, gone. It pretty much starts me out from the very beginning like it's a fresh out of the box game. It's at the very beginning of everything. All of my stuff is gone. Is there someone who works on the servers that can put my history back? My Xbox username is BrettFavreLives. In Halo CE Anniversary Extras I had Terminals and Library stuff. It's not there now. I downloaded the Halo CE Anniversary Xbox 360 for the XBox One. Please help.
This sounds like an issue with MCC Cloud Saves. Did you do this offline/online?
This sounds like an issue with MCC Cloud Saves. Did you do this offline/online?
Whether you did this online or offline is the biggest question at the moment. Secondly would be whether or not the Cloud Saves synced up and with MCC, that's usually a coin toss. Try and provide some more info when you can so we can help you out a bit better.
Are you having this problem on the 360 version or MCC?
Here is the whole story = I have an Xbox 360. I bought Halo CE Anniversary for it. I beat the game. I even got the "Skulls Taken" Achievement for collecting half of the skulls in the game. I got the "Dear Diary" Achievement for finding all of the terminals in the game. So far I've earned 23 Achievements in Halo CE Anniversary for the 360.

Now to 2017 and 2018 = I upgraded my Xbox 360 to an Xbox One and then I gave that one to my daughter so I can upgrade to the Xbox One S. When I found out that all of my Xbox 360 Halo games were being backward compatible with the Xbox One series I started collecting and downloading them all.

A month and a half ago about 6 weeks ago I realized I didn't get the Halo CE Anniversary 360 for my Xbox One collection. I went to the store bought it and downloaded it. It took a while but after it downloaded to my Xbox One everything that was on my Xbox 360 was on my Xbox One. My history, all of the levels I went through and what level I went through them as. The skulls I collected and missed that data was there from the 360. Stuff from the Library and Terminals. You get stuff for the library when you go to the terminals. I read them all. All of my data from the Xbox 360 was on the Xbox One.

My complaint is that about a week or so ago everything disappeared. All of my data was like erased somehow. (At least I got to play it a little before this happened) To play Halo CE Anniversary on Xbox One now I would have to start from the very beginning of the game. The game looks like it's fresh out of the box and nothings been collected or no levels have been attempted at all. I did say I finished the game. Where did all of my data go? I wanted to continue not start off fresh. With Halo 3 the data transferred over from 360 to Xbox One. The same with Halo 4. I'm not having any problems with Halo 4. I can go and finish my achievements from the 360 versions of the Halo games. That's what I plan on doing.

Can you find out what's going on? My Xbox Gamertag is BrettFavreLives. I'm using Xbox One S. I've already uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it didn't bring back my data. Please help.
I also was working on doing Halo CE Anniversary for the 360 over the last day for finishing up coop (I have all achievements, missions done on legendary solo, all library items scanned, all skulls and terminals unlocked) and today all of my progress on my profile on here is gone except for achievements!
That's what I'm saying. Our earned data is here one day and gone the next.
yeah I think something on 343 side of things needs to be fixed because I just tried running through a level now and completed it on easy and activating a terminal, and to no avail, my stats online shows 0 for everything except achievements.
wait now my stats are back to where they were! Unfortunately it reverted my coop progress up to mission 3 (then until today beaten up to keyes on coop but now reverted) and the rest of the game I haven't beaten it on legendary, solo I beaten all of it. I do need someone to play with to get legendary done for coop, you want to team up Brettfarveslives?

Update: I checked on my local computer and it is still showing the 0 for everything, think this is definitely a 343 server issue, on my xbox through microsoft edge on waypoint on here, its showing the correct progress as said above.

NVM I logged out and back in, it updated now. definitely a cloud issue not updating properly.
Yeah this sounds like a cloud save data issue, which means it’d be down to 343 or Microsoft to fix and likely nothing you can do on your end.

Based on the above users post, can you confirm your stats have returned as well OP?
Yeah this sounds like a cloud save data issue, which means it’d be down to 343 or Microsoft to fix and likely nothing you can do on your end.

Based on the above users post, can you confirm your stats have returned as well OP?
I figured that. Ok so I was trying to play Coop again earlier a couple days ago, got one mission done on legendary, then I got halfway through the next mission, then the game froze so I had to start over, when I got back in the game, the previous mission I completed on legendary (keep in mind that mission was completed already), I lost all progress to the level and it reverted back as if I never completed it on Coop! I checked my stats and it reverted back to having no skulls, missions, library items scanned, etc. except for achievements again. So I have no idea what is going on. I know when I try to play though a mission again and complete it, my stats online here reset back to before I started the coop. Its extremely glitchy. One thing is I am playing coop on the same console local, so I wonder if having two xboxes playing over xbox live, might fix this issue.
Um, I would really like to play Halo CE Anniversary and keep my history intact. Can someone let us know if someone is working on this or fixing this? What's the point in collecting a skull if you can't use it because the server doesn't remember you collected it? Can we have a timeline too if possible? I haven't played Halo CE Anniversary for over a month because of this. And I'm talking about the 360 port to XBox One, not the MCC one.
09 September 2018 - Now I really know it's a cloud issue. I recently downloaded 2 Xbox 360 games for my Xbox One. They both saved to the cloud. The 1st one is LEGO Indiana Jones. Everything went well. It found my cloud saves and loaded my profile. The 2nd one is LEGO Star Wars III The Clone Wars. It didn't have any record of me of ever playing it despite I have half of the Achievements. I then tried something different, Yesterday I went to Gamestop and bought LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. I played for hours and got 4 Achievements. I saved my progress every chance I got. Today it has no history of me ever playing. I have to start a new game. I cannot and should not have to start a new game every time I want to play Halo CE Anniversary, LEGO Star Wars III The Clone Wars or LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. This issue with the cloud is getting beyond stupid. What's the point in having a game if we can't make any progress?