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Halo Wars Backwards Compatibility

OP Burst Phantom42

Hello, a friend and I were having an issue using the original 360 version of the game on the xbox one. We were trying to do a private game against the ai so we could play together but we were unable to join each other's game and kept getting a message that we were not connected to xbox live, but we could both search for a game online and we were both on the same internet connection.

Does anyone know what the problem could've been? This was about 4 days ago.
This may be a little late but having two Xbox's on the same wifi may have caused it slow down and not allow to connect to each other.
Since this is the original Halo Wars, you could have used the System Link option, since you were on the same network. There can be network issues when trying to connect two Xbox One consoles on the same network over Xbox Live.