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Hardest level on legendary?


I know everyone says that either The Library from CE or Gravemind from Halo 2 are the hardest levels to complete on legendary...
The Library was simple for me, just time consuming. Gravemind was a huge pain and again; time consuming, which definitely makes it one of the hardest.

...But for me it was Truth and Reconciliation that made me go insane more than any other level. Easily the hardest.

What level was the hardest for you?
Probably Gravemind. Took about an hour to get out of that first room.
The Library is pretty easy on Legendary as long ast you're methodical.

T and R isn't too bad as long as you keep your sniper rifle handy. Made the mistake of dropping it early forgetting that ammo is literally scattered throughout that whole level.

I think "Cortana" in Halo 3 is harder than any Halo CE level on Legendary. But then again, anything on Halo 2 trumps basically any other campaign level. Even "Outskirts" is a -Yoink-. Anything with jackal snipers/brutes, I'd like to stay away from. And the fact that active camo is basically useless on Legendary.
The Library is not that hard, T and R is quite difficult but still not that bad, I personally think that Gravemind is the hardest level on legendary, if not Midnight in Halo 4
Definitely Gravemind and especially on LASO , I think T and R is not really challenging on Legendary but still requires a lot of time to complete it.
True, Truth and Reconciliation was a pain in the -Yoink- to do on legendary
Time consuming doesn't mean something is hard. I can easily say that Gravemind is a difficult mission because everything that can go wrong.
For each game:

Two Betrayals from CE. The beginning of the level, the generator full of sentinels, and underground section, and last large scale battle are all a pain to get through. It doesn't help that the level is extra long. The only reason it trumps Assault on the Control Room is because the Flood and Sentinels are added in.

Gravemind from Halo 2, no reason to doubt it. One of the hardest missions ever, every section is hard to get through, ESPECIALLY when you're rescuing the marines. That part can go to H E double hockey sticks.

The Covenant from Halo 3. Another large scale battle level that's overall fun and incredible, but a serious pain to conquer by yourself. A lot of action, and defeating both Scarabs can take time.

Coastal Highway from ODST. Another lengthy level, only made harder by its vehicle sections and last stand section that only gets harder.

The Pillar of Autumn from Reach. No need to ask why.

Midnight from Halo 4. Again, it is what it is.

Cryptum from Guardians. So. Many. Prometheans.
I think that assault on the control room is really hard on legendary if you son't speedeun it. It took me 2 hours to do it on SLASO.