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[Locked] How do I install a halo mod on an Xbox 360?

OP sargent 0

I usually watch halo modding channels on youtube. One of my favorite halo modders is Gamecheat13 because he has created a mod where you could spawn AI in forge (Ai playground) and he usually publishes youtube videos about AI battles. (His AI battles are what made a popular youtuber btw) Eventually, I wanted to get this mod for myself. From what I know, you need a modded xbox and a modded .xex (Lord Zedds ai xex) to get this mod. I cant find any tutorial on the internet about how to download this mod. I just need a brief explanation about how to make or how to get a modded xbox 360. I also need to know what is a xex. (I have no idea what it is) Once I get a modded xbox 360 and an xex, I would need to know how would I install gamecheat13s .map mod, Ai playground on halo 3. So basically, I need to know where I can get or how can I make an modded xbox 360, what an xex is and how to install Ai playground on an xbox 360.
Sorry OP, no discussion of modded content or hardware is allowed on Waypoint