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How do y’all play Halo 3?

OP Steve1217

I’ve been wondering the past couple days how the Halo 3 community play the game since there are multiple ways to play Halo 3 now. There’s the MCC, Halo 3 backwards compatibility, and on Halo 5 with the classic Halo 3 playlists. With that said, what game do y’all think people play Halo 3 on the most and which game do y’all prefer?
I've only just started on Halo 3 MP and have been doing Social Slayer which I've really enjoyed 👍 can't get onto BTB as it says not all players have downloaded maps.
I mostly play off my Halo 3 disc. The MCC has been a tad better as of late, but I still rather play off my Halo disc because I get all of those playlists between ranked and social. The player base isn't huge but I have been able to find games in swat, doubles, big team, social slayer, and lone wolves. I prefer the Halo 3 disc.

Halo 5 did a decent job of a throwback playlist to support classic Halo movement that we seen in Halo CE - Halo 3 but its a playlist meaning it will be rotated in and out to make room for whatever the new flavor of the month may be which this month is oddball. As far as Halo 5 goes I've generally had a better time using the throwback gametype and finding maps and playing it through customs.
When I play, I usually play Halo 3 on 360. The only reason I play Halo 3 on MCC is because it's voted for so often
I'd like to play my original copy, but for whatever reason it doesn't work. I still play MCC, but mostly just for the campaign and infection.
I play on both but I tend to use my original 360 version more.
Oh yeah forgot to mention that I also play using my 360...
Play Halo 3 now using the Xbox One X. Still have a 360 and OG Xbox One but I like BC and the Halo 3 enhanced looks very impressive whilst still being the original game that we love.