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[Locked] How to play halo 2 on xbox 360

OP Monkey josh290

Hi all
i bought the game halo 2 and i have a xbox 360 slim console with a 320 gb harddrive and i did what RuneReaper177
suggested to do in an old topic in the forun
Turn off the console
2. Locate the bottom portrait air vent
3. Open the flap
4. Remove Hard Drive
5. Turn on console
6. Put disc in
7. Restart
8. You will now have 1 Second to choose the update to enable backwards compatibility before it will display an error telling you to enter a hard drive
9. Let the update run
10. Once completed you can now put hard drive back in

and still nothing happens just every time i put the disc in it says : "game error , the game could not start. Try downloading the game again ....."
Please i am begging if someone can assist me otherwise i will feel being ripp off or very disappointed! !!!
Interesting whenever I wanted to play all I had to do was put the disk in and it would load it up
me too
i have xbox 360 slim. i bought 320 harddrive to play halo 2. still it says try downloading the game again. i didnt download the game. i wasnt given the option. i put in the hard drive turned it on inserted the disk i get this everytime. please help.
I have never heard of this issue. BC for Xbox 360 worked out of the box if you had a hard drive. Simply put the disc in, download the update file, launch game no problem. BC only did not work if you did not have a hard drive.

Still works on my old Xbox 360 with a 20GB HDD too.
Interesting whenever I wanted to play all I had to do was put the disk in and it would load it up
Yeah, that's all you have to do. I don't know why you'd have to go and do all that
You can play original Xbox games on the Xbox 360 as long as you have an HDD. A USB flashdrive or memory card will not work. Additionally, some games are not supported on the Xbox 360, but Halo 2 is.
Please don't revive old topics, thanks!