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I have a few questions that 343 might be answer

OP LeeryUncles

Hey 343 when are we going to expect Halo wars 2 DLC leader serina n the dlc missions spearbreaker be released this month? When will the Noble map pack be free for Halo Reach? Cause I want to go nuts exploring those maps lol :). Last question when do you think Halo CEA, Halo 3, ODST n Halo 4 be comp to the one? I know sometime this year but do you have a prediction when though? Please do send replies even from 343 members that view this as well. :) Enjoy the rest of your time
The Halo Wars 2 DLC this month, I'm suspecting the last week of this month. About the Noble DLC pack, I think it's being worked on right now as one the moderaters said that it was in one the posts. I have a feeling that BC Halo titles will come to the Xbox one either September or November. Which kind of sucks, I want them to come sooner.