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I want another game like ODST

OP A Sword Elite

Most of us has played Halo 3: ODST. Personally, what I love about it is that it's not your typical evacuated city. I loved traveling through a desolate and dark city, investigating where Rookie's team went. My favorite time in the empty city was hearing barely-working telephones and malfunctioning city hardware along with the silence that filled the atmosphere. Getting to the point, I want another Halo game featuring a new ODST story. I know that there's hardly anyone else advocating for something like this, but I think it'll be cool to play another ODST game like maybe one that's set in Reach in Buck's perspective where he escaped the covenant invasion. Now of course New Alexandria is a similar city, but I'd have to say it suffered the worst. I mean in Halo 3: ODST, the team had to traverse through an empty city, but a city facing total annihilation along with collapsing skyscrapers and ships glassing ever so dangerously close? Now that's ODST worthy right there. In Reach, we only got to see the story from above, but why don't we take a deeper look in New Alexandria? What was their dumb city AI like? Did they even have one? What would it be like to fight elites in a war-torn city?

So far we've fought in a city as an ODST and as Master Chief in Halo 2 (at least that's what I know). I want more ODST! Does anybody else want something like ODST? Tell me what you think!
Don’t worry, a lot of players would love some more ODST games on Xbox :-) I would definitely love to play one myself, but much later once Infinite has launched and successfully wowed us.
Another ODST game would be awesome! I’ve recently went back to finish it on legendary since it’s been backwards compatible and it’s definitely made me realize how much I love it.
There's a lot of us then!
There are people begging for a Halo ODST Battle Royale mode, which is dumb and 343 announced they're not making a battle royale mode.
Yeah I agree with you guys they should really make another game when you are an Odst or maybe even a marine.
Another ODST title would be amazing if done right. I would personally love to see it.
An ODST game set during the Insurrection would be dope
I would love to see another ODST game!