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Installing Halo: Combat Evolved without CD?

OP whattapancake

Hello everyone! I've got a valid CD key for Halo: Combat Evolved, but I no longer have the disc as it was damaged. Is there a way to download the game (legally) and also legally activate it with my CD key? I can't seem to find anything, and I'd love to play the old game again. I would really prefer nobody give options relating to piracy or hacks. Thanks!
I don't believe there is with out the disc. you could check steam.
If it was me... and I had the game "legally" I would torrent CE and when it asks for the code I would put it in then.

its worth noting if you do get it sorted, you can't go online unless you download the server bypass thing.

If if you type in Google "Halo CE online", you should see a link to Bungies website and it will tell you what to do.