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[Locked] MCC on PC

OP ChocoboFan01

I love Halo, but I also love gaming on PC.

My only Halo FPS experiences on PC are CE, 2 (GFWL, we all know what happened with that.) as well as Halo 5 Forge/Custom Games.

I would love to see MCC on PC (Assuming it's in a fixed state).

This Thread is about why you want it to Come to the PC, (Or why not, if that's your thing, I'm legitimately curious as to why if that's the case)

For me, There are 2 main reasons:

1. I'd rather play an FPS with Keyboard and mouse, and have the option of a controller if I'm feeling especially casual. A mouse offers a greater Dynamic range of precision, allowing me to simply aim better, (not that I can't aim with a controller, a mouse is just easier for me.)

2. More importantly, Framerate. the MCC can hit 60 FPS, however, I do notice frame drops in 1, 2, and 4. (Not really in 3.) I don't want to have to change to classic graphics to get a stable 60 FPS in CE, and 2. Better yet, the PC lets me take advantage of my 144Hz monitor, which not only theoretically gives me more time to react, but also, just looks smoother. I thought 60 fps looked smooth, but it was something even better when I went to 120-144. (You'd have to play at those framerates to really understand what I mean) Additionally, if the hypothetical port of MCC does support splitscreen, with my setup, I won't drop frames there, either.

Well, I've said my part, now I want to hear from you?
Why do you/do you not want to see a PC port of MCC?

Edit: Just realized I put this thread in the wrong section, (Classic games instead of MCC)