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ODST on MCC not a remaster...

OP ShinobiShadow

I'm honestly SO sick of people calling the release of ODST in MCC a 'Remaster' its been 2 YEARS! 2! I tried to be cool about it, but I'm so tired of seeing people refer to it as a remaster or remake it makes me want to pull my hair out. Every time I mention the possibility of an ODST remaster in the future people always refute that by saying that's what ODST on MCC is. Correct me if I'm wrong but no 343 dev has called the 2015 re-release of ODST a "remaster". Every time I look up ODST remake, remaster or anniversary in hopes of finding possible news on it I'm met with nonsense articles of people talking about the current release of the game calling it a remake. So frustrating. Sorry for the rant, but I had to say something to the community.
Well, it's been tinkered to run at a higher resolution and frame rate.

Ergo, remaster.
It's might brighter, the old bungie images were replaced, which hinted at Destiny, it runs at a higher frame rate. The graphics may not have changed that much, but it is still a remaster.
First off, there is a difference between "remake" and "remaster". Remaster is the same game, but with improved visuals and little stuff that's been fixed or tinkered with. Remake is the game being rebuilt from the ground up (in otherwords; an entirely new game that's the same concept but with a different set-up).

Reading from what you are saying; you want ODST to be completely remastered (as in the art, textures, animations, etc being better like H1A and H2A). Even though the game didn't have much of a graphic change, the visuals like frame rate and brighter lighting still counts as a remaster. Here's a comparison between Xbox One and Xbox 360: