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Old original halo titles coming to Xbox one.


I think it's gonna better to play the original titles because MCC is a lazy broken title. At least with the titles you'll have all your favorite options then we're never in the MCC. Can't wait. But they should try to release the original Combat evolve.
Yes, I can't wait!
Of course. You can't have original Xbox backwards compatibility without releasing the game that made Xbox what it is. That would be a sin! Sadly though I don't have the original Combat Evolved, but I do have 2.
I'm actually afraid of this, cause propably the backcompat Halos are going to be the exact same Halos that would be with original resolution (maybe) and framerate 30fps. Also the 360 emulator on xbox one can cause some input lag like we saw with black ops 2. So I'm afraid this is going to be a sluggish come back of original Halos (I really hope devs can prove me wrong). What I would have liked to see instead was Halo 3 Anniversary with dedicated servers or just fixing the MCC matchmaking system.

Ps. 343 it's still not too late! Halo 3 Anniversary with proper matchmaking would be massive for Halo community while we are waiting for Halo 6!
True. MCC was a great idea but very poorly managed. The game could've been huge but it was a flop
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