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ONI Candidate Assessment videos

OP Ded10c

Does anybody know if the ONI Candidate Assessment videos released as marketing for ODST still exist anywhere? High-quality copies of The Life/We Are ODST and its making-of video were difficult enough to get, but Buck's interviews with Dutch, Mickey and Romeo seem to have been completely removed from the internet.
I can find them nowhere I know the halopedia has what they say in the interview but nothing else sorry.
yes I can't seem to be able to find them either
Talk to CIA391 of the Semper Vigilans Office of Naval Intelligence... he is knowledgeable about such things.
What do you mean? Im a freak if it comes to these things. Ill ask CIA too, i have Him on my friends list and he is always friendly and ready to help.
Did some more digging. If these videos still exist anywhere, they will likely be under the following filenames:


Anybody heard anything back from CIA391?
If they were actually on the internet at some point, they are out there. Just gotta find em. Maybe try posting on Halo Reddit and see if you have any luck?