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Population Counter fix

OP UnfundedBus88

I dont know if im liying, but the Halo 3 population counter seems unacurrate, also the Halo Wars one, i know they´re classic games and nowbody plays them, but at least that should be fixed now that they are going to become backgard compatible, they have already fixed the Halo Reach one last time i checked, so if they could also fix the other ones that would be great. If you have the same idea please suport it. Lets make our Beloved games smother.
Yeah i really wanna see how popular h3 is when it goes backward compatible.
I don't think it's going to be that popular. Sure, more popular than it is now. But it's like saying CoD 4 will be popular again too.
It will never be as popular as the golden days but I'd like to think a few thousand people will hop back on.

As for the population counter, yeah I noticed recently that it seems a bit off. You can still find people in playlists with 0 population. As for the Halo Wars population, it's been stuck on the same number for years.