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Reflecting on 10 Years of Halo 3

OP ske7ch

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My favorite Halo 3 memory is easily when I first set up my 360 to play on XBL. I stayed up all night playing all of the matchmaking playlists and just having the most fun I've ever had playing a game. I ended up staying awake for over 24 hours and didn't even feel tired until I stopped playing, which was the first of very few times I stayed up playing a game for that long.
My favourite memory was grinding the MLG playlist to finally get my 50. Eventually me and a friend came up against this little known 14 year old kid who was tipped to become pro called Snakebite on Pit TS (I wonder what happened to him). The game was pretty tight with Snakebite sniping me off spawn a few times. Eventually the final rockets came up and my teammate called out 4 dead. I grabbed the rockets and pushed their spawn for the win, first rocket, easy double in snipe cuts. The next guy spawns bottom tower, its Snakebite... my chance to get a triple on decent players, I rocket him and as a teammate shoots him from sword, in my excitement I’ve choked the direct rocket and made him 1 shot for my teammate to finish. My teammate got the kill and we won the game. Still to this day I hold a grudge against that guy whenever I come up with him in MM for robbing my moment of glory.

I capped that that game and posted it on haloforum eu and was told by a few he wasn’t a “real pro” even though he was attending events. After that, one of the guys on the forum added me and asked if I could teach him a few things so he could rank up above level 30. After playing with him for 6 months he got his 50. I invited him over to my uni house for a lan and we came up against the MLG team Carbon in MM. Needless to say we got destroyed 250-0, but it was a great laugh. Even though the game was a blow out we had to troll them after in the lobby and blame their host.

That was halo 3 for me in a nutshell, grinding, late nights, having a laugh, everyone screaming in the post game lobby.
Caluben wrote:
This memory will always stick with me.

It was Bungie Day '09. The beautiful Maption Sack playlist which included like 40 Forge maps. I grinded that playlist out. Bungie offered Recon armor to anyone who got a statistic that was divisible by 7. If you had 16,807 deaths, then you got Recon. Stuff like that.

Well, a week goes by after that day, and my sister and I are playing splitscreen. She points how the reason she wears EOD chest on her Spartan is because it looks like your Spartans has breasts. So, of course I wondered what my Spartan would look like with breasts. So when I go to customize my Spartan's chest, I'm flipping through the armor...

And there it is... In all of its glory. It says: RECON. I couldn't believe it. I didn't get any messages. I have no idea what I did to get the armor, which statistic I ended up being divisible by 7. But I got the armor. I was beyond happy. And it was so surreal.

I went to bed, and the next day after school I jumped on Halo 3 to see if I still had the armor. And sure enough I did. And that's when it really hit me that I did in fact haz Recon.

The next two months until ODST came out with the Vidmasters, I was "famous". Messages every game. People offering 1600 Microsoft Points for my account. Asking how I got the armor. Or just saying cool armor. Or inviting me to play games with them.

Definitely one of my favorite Halo memories.
I was always envious of those who were graced with Recon before ODST came out! Sounds like such a blissful experience. I really do miss having something super exclusive and sought after to envy, though.
Tenthacc wrote:
I honestly remember getting the 'Perfect 50' in Lone Wolves.
It took 135 games, 0 losses even against boosters.
Wow impressive dude honestly respect
When j was 10 My sisters and I used to spend a couple of hours everyday just screwing around on forge, and doing custom games with random weapons, invisibility, fastest speed and lowest jump height. All while listining to Metallicas "Death Magnetic" album which had just come out. Some of the best memories ive got 👉😎👉 since then halo 3 has always been my favorite video game
My favourite memory of halo 3 is when me and my still best friend would just spawn everything we could in forge then play split screen campaign. And watching Arby n the Chief.
On the weekends my friends would bring their boxes and tvs over and we'd all play matchmaking and customs in the same room with like 4 to upwards of 8 of us with split-screen. We'd play all night, but my fondest memory was when it got so late in the night that none of us could barely even play competitively anymore and were slap-happy sleep deprived so we'd just all sit in forge and goof around or maybe even make a map (even though none of us were even close to experts). Every once in a while we'd make something cool and play it in customs throughout our time in halo, but mostly just smashed each other with tanks. good times!
Halo 3 helped me get through a time in my life where I was experiencing a lot of depression and uncertainty. During my sophomore year of high school I was expelled from the small private school I had gone to since kindergarten. I had grown up with everyone in my class and they were basically my only friends. Being departed from them and being forced to transition to public schooling was tough for me.

I was a Gamecube boy up until this point in my life, and if I had the urge to play H1 or H2 I would need to go to a friends house. My parents decided to buy me an X360 so that I could keep in touch with my friends easier, and it made it so much easier to keep in touch with my buddies and organize weekend get-togethers. While this story could be boiled down to "parents bought me a game console," the x360 and H3 in particular helped get me through a tough time and I'm forever thankful. Everyone on my friends list played H3, so it was super easy to keep up with people.

I played Halo 3 almost exclusively for over a year, until Left 4 Dead released in 2008 and caught my eye. Still H3 persisted as my pvp game of choice. I bet I played it consistently until Reach came out!
Back in the day, My friends and I would take 30 minutes to each make a base on one forge map, then have a "Forge War." We would duke it out for hours on end on various maps.

One time, a friend built his base floating on the highest point on Avalanche with shield doors all around it. This base was soon deemed too good, so we banned it for future Forge Wars haha.

My best friend would always make this base he called, "The Blob." Essentially, it was an amalgamation of crates, bridges, and ramps. And, the only way to enter was to squeeze through the pieces. Once inside, we would usually find tons of weapons and a teleporter sender.
Long time, my brother made hilarious infection games, there so many other forge maps, and racetracks included. Those memories. We had Halo 3 back in 2007, but I've started as Xbox Live in 2009.
ske7ch wrote:
I'd love to include some community reflections and fond memories! I can't include everyone but I'd love to hear your story - sound off below and let me know what Halo 3 meant to you. I'm looking for your favorite memory, a great story, a funny anecdote, etc.. - anything to help us tell the story of how Halo 3 has impacted so many of us.
Getting out of Valhalla with the Banshee in the Halo 3 beta, and seeing the sky slowly change from sky blue to starry black.
I'd forgotten about that. That was AWESOME. The space combat battles we had with Valhalla being a tiiiiiiiny little postage stamp way down below...
Without Halo 3, my life would be 100% different.

I was only 13 when I sat late at a gamestop just a mile from my house. My bestfriend was unable to attend, so I had to pick up his heroic edition of the game aswell. Ariving home at 12:04, to my original 4:3 television set up on my bedroom floor (old school), I witnessed the opening crawl of the game for the first time.

Eventually, fan created halo films and shorts were in full swing. Halo 3's new theater play back revolutionized console gaming not only for competitive players playing back intense matches, but film makers wildest dreams of high performance camera work, customization options, and what forge would become over time, custom maps.

I started a little show called CNP in 2008, 8 mo ths after the launch of halo 3, and I still add to it every so often, even bringing Halo 3 productions, on original hardware, out after nearly a decade since release. And people still ask me if there will be more made with Halo 3, which is always a welcomed possibility.

I personally would like to extend the biggest thanks to everyone who worked on that game, big or small, devs and testers, producers and idea guys, story team and designers. Thank you for making, what I consider, one of the most important xbox games ever made.

What Halo 3 did for players across all fandoms in the halo community, set a standard that most games still uphold to this very day. Customization, Replay value, Fan created maps and movies, community. I met some great friends through my time with halo, most of them from Halo 3.

it is times like launching the elephants with respawned explosions at 3AM on saturdays I will always cherish.
My many hour of split screen multiplay with my brother
Punching fish underwater.
Ummmmm. The End.
Do not know if dreams count as fond memories. During the prime halo 3 days I would play non stop, 12 hours plus which led to some sleep deprivation. For some reason I remember I had a dream about me, my self in halo 3 on the map construct and you know when you spawn on the bottom of the map and climb up on either of the two ledges that lead to the sword room. Well in my dream I'm doing that and as I climb the sword ledge out of know where I get assassinated by a giant scarb. Till this day I have serious phobia walking up the sword ledge on the map construct. I will never forget this weird dream about halo 3. Thank you for the good times and the bad dreams.
I remember when I didn't have live, I played on my dads account on Halo 3 and I remember always using the Mark V helmet because I loved it and I remember playing custom games with my friends. To this day, I continue to use the Mark V helmet in the Halo games through the years =)
My best memories are of team doubles, making perfect record 50 accounts and selling them for a 1 month just to do it all over again. Good times.
The grind to 50 whit my friends that was by far one of the most satisfaying and greatest accomplishment I ever had in video game honestly
Halo 3 had the best community, with things like file share and the growing popularity of Machinima. I honestly feel like it was the peak of gaming.
I would always go to my friend's house and his older brother would be playing Halo 3 with the headset and everything. We'd play splitscreen and do co-op campaign all the time. Wish i played more Halo 3 mp back when it was in its prime. It always saddens me when I think about the older halos because I know I'll never get another experience like it again.
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