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Revive the servers

OP XtunaXmanX

There is free dlc for halo 3, reach, wars, and 4. Bring back the player count for halo 3. Re live the best moments from when it was first released.
I posted this earlier today, but more less it is spot on to what you're talking about. Trying to bring the retro Halo's back baby.

Since practically all of the older Halo games are now backwards compatible I created a club called Halo Society. Now that all of the old Halo DLC is now free to everyone, its a great time to take a trip down memory lane. If anyone wants to join it is open to all players. I am aiming to get some people together for classic Halo's such as Halo Reach, 3, 4, and MCC. There have been many memories over the 15+ years of Halo and I look forward to creating new memories. You may be a solo player (generally I am) and that's fine because the club is there so people can chat about older Halo games, find people to play with, as well as I always love looking through clips that get posted (I know a lot of people enjoy seeing those "likes" and "comments"). I appreciate anyone who takes the time reading the post, and whether you join the club or not, I look forward to seeing you all on the battlefield.
343i should make an event for halo 3. he could give the head on fire for a day. :)
A 343i Retro Halo tournament would be legendary.
"Bring up the -Yoinking!- servers!!!"
-Boogie2988 A.K.A. Francis