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Scarab gun in halo 2 metropolis


The Old BreedSpartan0116 is it me or is that fricken scarab gun hard to get not the skull power up the gun itself I tried that ghost trick thing and it takes to long
It takes long.
But thats the challange,it was intended to be an hard to unlock achivment.
It's pretty easy. Just clear the area but one Banshee. Get a Warthog and reverse backwards. When the banshee turns around, start to follow it again. The AI will turn around and come back, getting further into the tunnel. Eventually it will get to a point where it will just keep getting stuck in the tunnel. Clear the enemies, kill your marines and then slowly walk backwards towards the way you need to go. AI will turn around and follow you.

It's all pretty easy. Much easier with a 2nd player because they can monitor the Banshee/kill the Covenant so see if a friend can help if you're struggling.