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System link between Xbox 360 & Xbox One

OP GrimlockPrime92

Please 343i, add system link support (LAN) for Halo Wars (original and backwards compatibility version) between xbox 360 and xbox one, I and my brother can´t play together because we don't use xbox live gold during school/university period. That option will be awesome for people like us.
PD: other people will appreciate that option, if you not believe me, search this issue between versions on other forums.
Are you sure you can't? You can't just ethernet connect the two consoles together? At my home my son and I play Halo Wars together using 2 tv's, an Xbone, and a 360, both hard wired to my router. We do sign in to xbox live though, and he has Gold so our situation isn't quite the same. I guess technically we are just doing regular multiplayer. According to the Halo 3 backwards compatibility announcements we will be able to system link Xbones to 360's to play Halo 3 when it goes BC.
There is system link support between the 360 and One with the original game, but both users must have original copies. Definitive Edition copies do not support system link between the original.
We have original copies of halo wars, but always the party does not allow the second player to join the host lobby. We try many times...