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The hardest Legendary Halo 2 mission for you?

OP IcyPenguin79684

For me, I can't choose. So many to choose for the hardest mission in Halo 2 on Legendary.
Gravemind, by and large. Its first room is a pain if you don't know what to do or are unaware of the skip glitches, which still don't detract from the rest of the level's difficulty.
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Gravemind, Regret and Cairo Station were the worst. Once you play it a couple times it's easy. Those on LASO are insane lol.
Gravemind is a pain in the yoink! Right off the bat you're thrown in a room with some brutes and grunts. And all you have is a needler.
Gravemind, by far
Gravemind. Gravemind. Gravemind.

Did I mention Gravemind?

That level is extremely unfair at times, especially the first part with the brutes and one stinking needler.
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The beginning, middle, and end of Gravemind. It is still nothing in comparison to The Library from Halo CE.
It has to be either Cairo Station or Gravemind for me but probably overall Gravemind. Regret wasn't too hard for me but the boss at the end takes patience. Thankfully it gives you checkpoints though! I'm a good sniper so the jackals weren't too much of a pain.

People typically say Gravemind a lot but lets be frank... EVERY mission on Halo 2 on legendary is a pain in the backside!
Kinda depends. If you use speed running and skipping tactics difficulty changes drastically. Playing the game normally I would say the regret mission and final fight.
I think most people will agree with me when I say gravemind. If you speed run it it's not so bad but still difficult