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Top 5 Halo Missions

OP ZachApple101

What do you guys think are the top 5 Halo missions in the games so far ?
1.) The Ark - Amazing level design, awesome open battles, Halo at its best.
2.) The Covenant - Epic Battle with Flood and the Covenant, again Halo at its best.
3.) Gravemind - Awesome fighting as Chief being dropped off in the middle of the Covenant civil war.
4.) Halo (Halo CE) - Amazing stepping on to Halo for the first time, loved the errie feel of the Covenant chasing you as you headed further in.
5.) Delta Halo - Fun level, the sniper valley was amazing. This level had great atmosphere.
5. Long Night of Solace (H:R)
4. Lone Wolf (H:R)
3. Mombasa Streets (H3:ODST)
2. Cortana (H3)
1. The Arbiter (H2)
I honestly don't even know why i just found the overall very fun to playthrough.
also Shoutout to the end of Halo 4 for making me cry