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Two Betrayals, Final Run Strategies

OP Epsilon Halo

I can't be the only one who suffers immensely at this particular part of the mission on legendary. The only difficult segments for me is getting to the bottom of the control room in the very beginning and the last confrontation with the covenant during the Final Run. The beginning is still a cakewalk compared to the Final Run.

I know that you can glitch a ghost through the partially sealed door after the tunnel with the rocket flood and rush the banshee at the end, but that is risky and cheap. I spent almost five hours attempting to complete this mission the legitimate way with the most time spent on the Final Run.

By the time I get to the part with the two wraiths, I only have a plasma pistol and a rocket launcher. I learned that charging a plasma pistol at a wraith about four to six times will destroy it, but it's almost fruitless at long distances. The rocket launcher isn't any better, because the wraiths are good at evading most of your shots. It's risky hiding behind the rocks on either side because somehow the wraiths still know exactly where you're standing and end up killing you. Even if you do manage to destroy both wraiths, about two to three waves of invisible elites ambush you from behind at random moments during the entire encounter. Not to mention, you still have to take out two hunters and about twenty dancing elites (who routinely hide behind whatever they can find) at long range. There's also at least one gold elite that likes to charge you, even from long distances.

There are no checkpoints from the moment you enter the chasm to the moment you enter the banshee. I'm curious as to what strategies others use, because mine sucks. That or this mission was purposely designed to piss you off!
You can glitch a banshee through the door. A more consistent method was found a few months ago.
Huh, that is neat! I never knew you could take down a wraith with 4-6 charged plasma shots.
Huh, that is neat! I never knew you could take down a wraith with 4-6 charged plasma shots.
You'd be amazed at what you can do when all you have is a plasma pistol XD