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What's your favorite Halo game?

OP Fred 1O4 LTJG

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Halo 2 is my favorite for now. I really enjoy the weapons, vehicles, story, characters, and multiplayer. However, all of those points could go to Halo CE, 3, ODST, Reach, and 4.
definitely halo 3. its probably my favourite game ever. the reason I love it is because of the memories of a simpler time in my life. staying up till 4AM playing zombies or Fat Kid with my friends or randoms, are my best memories of gaming. or even just going online on Team Rockets and repeatedly killing yourself just to troll the other team....Long Live Halo! #inchiefwetrust
Halo reach> Halo 2> Halo 3> Halo 4> Halo odst
Probably still Halo CE after all these years. LAN parties shaped my younger years and eventually led me to a rewarding career in IT. But I like all the Halo games, they have positives and negatives.

Halo 4 campaign had awesome story and tons of lore and dialogue between Cortana and the chief.
halo reaches campaign was very immersive but halo 2s shaped halo with elites talking ,alliances with the covenant and new vehicles.
I especially liked teaming up with hunters in halo 2
Mine has to be either 3, ODST, or Reach... I can't decide...
Halo 2 is a near flawless game in my eyes.

. Character/world building
. Level variety
. Music
. Gunplay
. Speed and flow of movement
. Ranking system
. Multiplayer maps
. Free DLC

I could sit here for hours talking about how great Halo 2 is.
Halo 2 or Halo 3. Can't decide.
Gotta be Halo 3, such a worthy ending to a fantastic trilogy, gotta love that multiplayer too
I'll have to go with Halo CE myself. I've played that campaign through and through thousands of times by this point. To top that off reading "The Flood" never gets old, I've grown very fond of the Halo CE Campaign.
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