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What was everyone's first Halo game?


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Started with Halo 4.
My first was Halo Wars, ironically
Started with Halo CE at a friend's house at about 2005
Halo 3.

I used to go to a youth group every week and there was a TV set up I none of the back rooms where the older teens (14 - 16) would play.
They had Viva Pinata, Street Fighter IV, Lost Planet and Halo 3.

We all loved playing Halo 3 multiplayer against each other split-screen. I didn't have an Xbox yet and didn't know the story, but I played the first mission over again when on my own. Sadly over time, everyone went their own ways and I no longer had anyone to play with.

The next year I got a 360 for my birthday and a copy of Halo 1, 2 & Map Packs, Halo 3, Gears 2, Fable 2 and The Orange Box.

I finished all of the Halo games and finally got to experience Halo 3 proper. I then got Live and started playing online and had a blast of a time. Best rank I got was 27 on Slayer.

But I miss those days of playing Valhalla and Construct. (our favourite levels to play on)
Limeshake wrote:
My first was H4, my least favorite.
You poor soul I feel so bad for you but moving on my first was halo game was halo 3
I first played CE on the computer.
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Mine was Halo CE, at 5 years old. My older brother had gotten the original Xbox at launch with the Star Wars The Clone Wars/Tetris Bundle, and happened to also get Halo CE. Fast forward to 21 year old me now, I still haven't stopped playing.
Gohan xD47 wrote:
Best I could do.
Halo 2 on the original Xbox at 7 but I didn't finish a halo game til halo 3 because I as afraid of the flood since i saw them when i was 5
My first was Halo 2. Got it the Christmas after it came out. I still remember my first match of 1 vs 1 on Ascension lol.
If this is your first post, how are you Recruit-Gold?

Never mind, I'll oblige you: I began with Halo 4. I wish I had started in the Bungie days, but I can't complain about finally being introduced to the best gaming franchise out there.
You poor soul I feel bad for you because halo 4 sucks so much especially if you played the previous one before it like anyone
Started in 2006 and played every Halo game since. IMO, Halo 4 was the best. Awsome multiplayer and the best story of the series.
Halo CE in my computer, and still is one of the most beatiful games that I saw in my life
I first started playing halo games when I was in kindergarten and I was playing the classic Halo Combat Evolved
With all honesty, I was a BIG PlayStation fanboy back in the '00s, I always dumped on Xbox because it was the 'new boy in the block' and never gave it a chance.
Then on Christmas '07, my Dad bought me the wrong console (Xbox 360) when I wanted a PlayStation 3, I was upset that I got the gaybox instead and missed out on all of the PS3 Exclusives that were released and I wondered "what the hell can I play on this thing?".

I downloaded the Crackdown Demo and I surprisingly enjoyed it! Bought the full game, played the crap out of it, then, I noticed the Halo 3 Beta on the menu but it was long over and couldn't play it so I was VERY curious as to what it was so I watched some Beta gameplay videos and was so ecstatic about it that on January '08, I went to Sears and got Halo 3, since then I forgotten about PlayStation and it's Exclusives and played the crap out of Halo 3 and the other Halo's I later acquired, up until my Xbox 360 died right after Halo: Reach Beta ended and never gotten another Xbox since then..

I'm still heavily invested in Halo today but mostly on PC and I'm hyped to try ElDewrito (Halo 3 PC) once it's big 0.6 update is out!

P.S. I still want to play Halo: Reach... ;_;
My First Halo game was back when I had the original Halo back on the Xbox now I am playing the Master Chief Collection on my Xbox one which I am currently Playing Halo CE Anniversary which is awesome to play on Heroic which is hard to do and I want to know is does anyone still play Halo Wars I am trying to Play the game online again and I am willing to play with anyone who could message me on Xbox one my Gamertag is my username and I will be on after I am done at school I want to get better but if you do want to know I tend to play as Sergeant Forge and just bring out the Grizzly and I need help with online my last time I played Halo wars was on my xbox 360 so I made it to recruit rank and then I stopped playing it online and I had several quitters when I would play it online so I just made myself just play against the A.I. in that game so my true Skill is O and my Auto difficulty is 73 which is heroic
My first was Reach.
March 15th 2002, it was released the day before that in NZ which was a thursday. I was 8 at the time, a friend got it on thursday and told me all about it the next day, what he was saying made me think of the alien comics i read that my dad got from the library, hunters, flood, jungles, elites..clearly he was just talking about what was in the manual lol.

After school that day i went to his house and we started halo on normal, by the time i got picked up we got to silent cartographer. i went to house every weekend for like 2 months, first weekend we finished off the campaign on normal then explored the multipler maps, next weekend we talked heroic the weekend after legendary, then we just played 1v1s and eventually got a roster of others and played 2v2s and 4 man FFAs at his house (i was the neighbourhood hero haha). i played CE so much (as well as halo PC) at friends houses until i finished primary school at the end of '04...just in time to kick off online play for the next 8 years between the end of 04 til the end of 2012.
Classic halo 1
Combat Evolved, way back around 2002 on the Original Xbox. Loved Halo ever since.
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