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Why can't I unlock my cqb helmet? 😤


I've wanted the cqb helmet since I had this game when I was 11 and I finally got the achievement to unlock it and there's nowhere I can go in halo waypoint to unlock it. I guess it's 343's way of giving us reach players the bird. I'm pretty ticked off anyone know a way I can unlock it still?
To unlock it you need to use the Halo Waypoint app for the Xbox 360, it's not related to this website
I thought i did not work on the Xbox 360 anymore because when i try to go on it, it always crashes when it loads the menu screen
Most of the crashing issues should resolved by now as far as I know
does Waypoint work on Xbox one?
Halo Waypoint for Xbox 360. Xbox One doesn't have it, sadly. It instead has the Halo Channel.
I got my CQB UA/HUL in june of 2015 it should still be working maybe try and delete the app and redownload it.