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Xbox One Halo 3 Lan problem

OP WorldlyApollo15

If this is somewhere else please delete. Pre update we were allowed to use Xbox Ones to play Halo 3 360 to LAN. Now after the update it wont work. Anyone know why or how to fix?
Could you explain what exactly the issue is or the error you have? It will help us help you.
It sounds like you are putting a Halo 3 disc into an Xbox One, and doing Xbox back compat to play Halo 3. "Pre update" could mean anything.

As far as I know this should still be working. I have successfully LAN'ed Halo Reach via Xbox One back compat, mixed with real actual Xbox 360's, and it worked great.

I have heard some reports that the OG Halo 3 disc doesn't always work perfectly with the "Mythic Multiplayer Map Disc" or whatever.

But yeah OP, we would need a screenshot or error message about what's not working. If this is related to the LAN on Halo MCC that's whole different animal and can not be mixed with Xbox 360 consoles.