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A thought about the Halo 3 Spartan aesthetic.

OP Scorpulus

Back when the Halo 3 Beta came out, I was jealously sitting on my old school Xbox streaming YouTube videos off my family's desktop of the carnage that I didn't have the money to enjoy. Some things that really stood out to me were the bright yellow new visors that Spartans had. I thought they looked beautiful. I was slightly disappointed once I got my 360 and my retail Halo 3 copy.

I know it's too late to add it, and I know most of the updates to Halo 3 in the MCC are technical in nature, but what do you guys think about the possibility of having those visors in the XB1 version of Halo 3? Would it even be possible to change that in an update? I know new armors and such were deemed impossible to implement by Bungie back in the day. I just think that the dark, muddy Spartan look of Halo 3 will pale in comparison to the newer, shinier versions, and it may put people off a little bit.
I'm going to enjoy the -Yoink- out of this game regardless, but I just wanted to bring up the old visors. They were awesome.

Here's a picture for reference:
It'd be very cool, but I can guarantee you 343 has priorities and this will never come to fruition.
I don't think it's going to happen, but I agree with you. Those visors were the bee's knees.