Don't listen to the naysayers 343i. I think you guys did a tremendous job. The fact that you guys listen to the fans wants and needs is remarkable. We played Halo CE custom games all night last night with barely any problems. It's almost exactly as I remember it 13 years ago.

343, if you guys are reading this post I would like to address the few minor details that need fixed if you have a moment.
- the hit beeper is a good idea but it needs to be removed for explosives (grenade/rockets)
- there is no rocket launcher on Derilict. Please place one where it belongs on a 30 second timer as it was in the original.
- the shotgun in chill out is not close enough to the overshield side of the table. Meaning player has to go to left side of table or jump on table to pick up shotty. Not a big deal so tho.
- we always start with 2 grenades. This needs to be changed to where each player starts with a number of grenades that is dependent on how many players are in the game. (No less than one and no more than four)
- the invisible is too visible. This is not 343's fault. The higher resolution simply makes the invisible easier to spot even from across the map. THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT. Halo CE players are required to constantly obtain power ups and rockets throughout the game. That's what separated Halo CE from all the other Halos. The power ups and rockets spawn much more frequently in Halo CE practically making slayer an objective gametype. That is what Halo CE players love so much about the game.

Otherwise, I am completely satisfied with MCC. You guys reproduced the greatest FPS almost flawlessly and I couldn't be happier.

- I also want to thank you for making Halo CE MM games include generic starting equipment and excluding radar just like we asked.

And for all the naysayers. STOP COMPLAINING SO VIOLENTLY. 343 has been really good about listening to the fans' requests. So kindly state your problem and ask for the correction and I'm sure it will come with a future update. BE PATIENT.

You should probably go to your local eye doctor.
Everyone in our game last night had no complaints. So maybe you need your eyes checked.
Of course. We played all custom games except for one of my friends. He played one MM game and said they had slayer pro no radar and it was just like the old days on XBC.
Everyone in our game last night had no complaints. So maybe you need your eyes checked.
I wish I could say the same. Me and two buds wanted to get together at midnight and place Halo 2 Classic customs for a while. We all pre-ordered and pre-downloaded the game from the Xbox Store. Nothing would work for us. We couldn't join each others' parties in-game (the Roster), so we didn't get to play at all even though we tried for an hour to connect. We were in an Xbox Live party the whole time trying to get something to work; no go. Some people are having really bad problems. Enjoy it!
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What a kiss -Yoink-... The game sucks right now
I'm having a great time in Halo 2 campaign :) :) :)
Go get your eyes checked then.

You can remove 343i's balls from your mouth now.
What a kiss -Yoink-... The game sucks right now
You guys are just cry babies. This game is sweet. 4 great games in 1. Quit gettin butt hurt because it's not perfect yet. It will be just give it time.
I personally couldn't be more thrilled with this game. It's absolutely stellar!
Can't Wait to play it!