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[Locked] Achievement Progress / Unlock Reports

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1)Gamertag (if different from account you're posting on): Vjvracer3596

2)What was the name of the achievement?
War Hero
Two Betrayals
Skulltaker Halo: CE: Mythic
Birth of a spartan
Believe in a Hero
Living Legend
Before and After
Herald of the Reclamation

3)I did these achievements around August 9-11 2016
They are all stuck at 100%
I wanted get helioskrill armor so I completed every mission on legendary then this happened, it would really suck if I don't get it.
About 2 days and no popping. Any word?
About 2 days and no popping. Any word?
The one you posted about is unlocked now.
1. da FartRhino
2. No Pain, Nov Gain
3. Completed on 8-10-2016
  • Gamertag (if different from account you're posting on) same as here
  • What was the name of the achievement?
    Set 2: (Cairo Station,Skulltaker Halo 2: Blind, Skulltaker Halo 2: IWHBYD)
  • [If achievement did not unlock] When did you complete the achievement, but have it not unlock? Set 1 on I believe all of them on Aug 10th. All Popped on Aug 15. Set 2 on Aug 11th to the wee hours of Aug 12 (it's 4am that day right
  • now). Skulls but not the level beaten Popped on Aug 15. Set 3 is on Aug 12 for sure as I just tried to get Catch skull to pop and will keep going. All Popped on Aug 15.
  • [If achievement reset] When did the achievement reset? Cairo Station reset on Aug 15.
  • How far along were you into the achievement when it reset? Done with it.
I will be trying to delete and re-add my profile to see if these little -Yoinks!- wont' unlock that way, others did (lots of H1 campaign levels wouldn't unlock, the beat a level in co-op on X difficulties wouldn't unlock, beating H1 on X difficulty wouldn't unlock, and I think a couple of other MP stuff didn't unlock, but I delete and re-added my profile and they all popped but the ones above didn't for some reason. Okay nope... didn't work, that's sad.
About 2 days and no popping. Any word?
The one you posted about is unlocked now.
No, they are not.
I just finished playing the first 5 missions of Halo 4 in the MCC on Legendary difficulty (Co-op with 2 other friends), and I noticed that I still don't have the achievements "Brovershield" (requires 2 co-op missions completed on Heroic or higher), Brohammer (Requires 3 co-op missions completed on Legendary difficulty), and I noticed no progress had been made on any achievements for simply completing missions, like "I Got This" and "Can't Out It Down", and the other achievements which are for completing 100 missions, 150 missions, and so forth (on any difficulty). I then checked, and no progress had been made on any "Kill 1000 whatever" achievements, or any other achievements that I know that should have been earned, or had progress made. My co-op teammates were getting achievements for beating the Par Score on each mission (we all beat the Par Score on all 5, and Par Time on 1) and they received other achievements that I should have earned as well, but I wasn't receiving any. However, if I browse through the Halo MCC menus and look at the details/description for each of the 5 missions we completed today, it shows that I had completed all 5 missions on Legendary difficulty. It just won't reflect that in my Career stats in MCC or when viewed on Halo Waypoint. I know for sure that I am not having any stats or achievements recorded in Halo 4 in MCC, and I believe the other MCC Halo versions are also affected, but I have not verified the other game versions. I am just so frustrated at the moment, and don't feel like trying to earn achievements in the other versions right now, but I will verify this soon. Although, I am pretty sure all Halo versions in MCC are affected. My stats and achievements in Halo 5 (not included in MCC) seem to be working just fine. My brother, and Halo Co-op partner, passed away a while back. When I finally was able to play Halo again (after we were hit head-on by an idiot driver, and his passing later), I retired my old account and started a new one with my daughter as my new co-op partner. Since then, I have been playing co-op with a lot of friends, and it sickens me to realize that a good portion of my new Halo career stats are missing and might not be recovered.

I THOUGHT this was a problem in MCC about 5-6 months ago, but I have been focused on Halo 5 for most of that rime. Now, I KNOW it is happening. I have screenshots showing the missions have been completed on Legendary difficulty, but no achievements were awarded. Another thing to note is that I see "gibberish" ASCII characters for the names of some friends when looking at the mission details to see the Top 5 scores or Top 5 fastest times for the missions that I completed on Legendary difficult earlier today.

Does anyone know where I could report this so that someone could look into this issue? I didn't want to uninstall/reinstall Halo MCC if my stats/achievements for it in my Xbox Live account are corrupted. I don't know if the problem could be fixed in my account, then MCC would update my account with the missing stats and achievements, and if uninstalling/reinstalling would prevent the possibility of recovering my stats. I doubt my friends will want to repeat those missions anytime soon. We were about to start a quest to complete all Halo MCC missions on Legendary difficulty. Now, I don't want to do all of that and lose all the achievements and any record of doing it.

The community here is always so helpful, and I want to thank anyone in advance for any ideas, thoughts, or other info that might point me in the right direction of a solution to recovering my activity, or at least fixing it so that new activity will not be forever lost.

Gamertag: xILx Fighter
Achievement: Living Legend
Time I completed achievement but have it not unlock: August 10th 2016 at about 6:40 PM CEST Time
Please let me know
Posting this for my friend also who has the same problem (we did the campaign together and none of us got the achievement)
Gamertag (not the same as the account): xILx Legend
Achievement: Living Legend
Time I completed achievement but didn't unlock it: August 10th 2016 at 6:40 PM CEST Time.
2- last stand - the key - return - prophet's bane and training wheels
3- Achievemtnts unlocked on 10th August 2016 ....all say 100% but still locked
Me and my wife completed halo 1 and 2 no problem .... Halo 3 gave us problems with the Achievemtnts right off the bat ....Achievemtnts for the first level popped .... Then needed to wait hours for the others to pop and then the ones mentioned above stayed locked at 100% for 3 days now .

PLZ help ...this is the game me and my wife play co-op

PS : wife's gamertag is Candy toy and have the same problem then I do with Achievemtnts stuck on 100% ....I only play this game with her and we are getting worried we won't get them

thank you for the great games and work you do .....keep it up you guys rock ....I know in programming all kind of things could go wrong .
Thank you again
Hey me (account as posting) and my friend (FilthyConsoles) have just passed Halo 5 on legendary co-op and have not received any achievements for this. Why is this?? And the forging a legend achievement says 100% complete but locked out. Again why?
1:gt is HurriedPie69297
2: grunt birthday party skull halo 2,iwhybd skull halo 2, famine skull hali 2, halo 4 complete every mission on legendary, win 50 games, sorry but i dont know the exact name for the last 2 achievements.
3: around 5 a 12 August
4: its stuck at 100% i cant do any achievements right now.
5: thats it
1: GT: Estebanquito007
2: par time/score achievements for Halo CE A. Try unlocking them on easy, normal and heroic without skulls but not matter what i cant get them. And Yes I completed the level under the par time. Try the firsts 2 missions but i guess its the same with the rest.
3: 11/12 august
4: 0% ---> xbox didnt register that i beat the par time but the game shows a time of 10 mins in the 1 first mission (The Pillar of Autumn)
This is an Xbox issue and not a Halo issue I think. I now have achievements stuck in other games, not just Halo MCC. Ever since I updated my console, achievements have not worked properly.
Gamertag: Sgt Titan
What was the name of the achievement : (1. Exterminator, Orpheus, Better With Age) (2. Objective secured, Heresy will not stay my feet)
[If achievement did not unlock] When did you complete the achievement, but have it not unlock: (1. around 10 Aug) (2. 12/13 Aug)
[If achievement reset] When did the achievement reset: N/a (I think I've had this ages ago, but can't remember which ones!)
How far along were you into the achievement when it reset: N/a (1. Achievements show in achievement app and in game as 100% but not unlocked) (2. Post-carnage report says >amount required, achievement progress is less than that from an old completion. Done in Master Chief Saga playlist)
  1. Quote:
    I Complete This Achievements and they still lock my gamertag is shadowar300
    INVASION -Complete all chapters in Spartan Ops Episode 7.Thursday 8/9/16
  2. KEY -Complete all chapters in Spartan Ops Episode 9.Thursday 8/9/16
  3. EXODUS -Complete all chapters in Spartan Ops Episode 10.Wednesday 8/10/16
  4. FEET FIRST-Complete all Spartan Ops chapters.Wednesday 8/10/16
  5. TERM OF ENLISTMENT-Complete all Spartan Ops chapters on Normal difficulty.Wednesday 8/10/16
  6. HAZARD PAY-Complete all Spartan Ops chapters on Heroic difficulty.Wednesday 8/10/16
  7. ICARUS-Complete all Spartan Ops chapters on Legendary difficulty.Wednesday 8/10/16
  8. SMOOTH OPERATOR-Complete all Spartan Ops chapters solo on Legendary difficulty.Wednesday 8/10/16
These Achievements have not unlocked for Halo 3 ODST on XBox One.
1) Gamer Tag: mja calg
2) Achievement not Unlocking are: "Mean Streets of New Mombasa", "First In, Last Out", "Floor It!" in Halo 3 ODST
3a) August 9th or 10th, 2016 I beat the game on Legendary, so I should have gotten both "Mean Streets of New Mombasa" and "First In, Last Out"
3b) August 11th, 2016 I Beat the par time on Uplift Reserve which is 4:00 and my best time was 3:15. I beat it 3 times on Heroic, Easy and Legendary!
4a) The achievements have not "reset", they are Stuck and will not complete even though I met all the requirements. I went through a second time and beat the Campaign Level missions individually on both Legendary and Heroic for each mission. The Achievement app on Xbox One, the MCC Achievements list, the Halo WayPoint Web site and the H3 ODST say I have completed ALL Levels on Legendary!
4b) I beat the Uplift Reserve mission Par time by 30+ seconds on Heroic, Easy and Legendary. No unlock!
Edit: (Aug 12, 2016)
I just checked the XBL Achievements tonight (~ 18:00 MST) and now it shows "Mean Streets of New Mombasa" and "First In, Last Out" as being unlocked 3 days ago. I checked them yesterday and it did not show this. I also did not see these achievements pop in my notifications for Xbox when I signed in this morning. The "First In, Last Out" Achievement still don't show as unlocked, but maybe (?? Hopefully??) it will tomorrow.
1. gamertag is SgtRasta117
2. the legend achievement
3. some time last week but my Xbox say i have the achievement but i didn't get the armor.
Check your Halo Waypoint completions for each campaign. If it shows incomplete on Waypoint but completed in game, beat the par time on easy on the mission that it shows incomplete. It should show on Waypoint after that as completed on Legendary. If not do it a second time. If still not restart your Halo MCC and do it one more time. It should work by then.
  • Gamertag (COMMANDERZETT)
  • What was the name of the achievement? Hunters Hunted, Regret, Sacred Iron, Quarantine Zone, Uprising, Guided Tour, Legendary Anniversary, Herald of the Reclamation, The Great Journey, Veteran, War Hero, High Charity, Legend, Big Green Style, Frequent Flyer Miles, Warrior, and Hero.
  • [If achievement did not unlock] When did you complete the achievement, but have it not unlock? August 4-12, 2016
  • [If achievement reset] When did the achievement reset? N/A
  • How far along were you into the achievement when it reset? N/A
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