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Achievements NOT unlocking!!!!

OP wats2473

so I have played and beat these missions numerous times on co-op legendary and single player legendary. With and without skulls... On CE:

Yet I still can't unlock achievements towards the armor for halo 5.. The only thing I can see different is my game saying I'm beating all the levels on legendary but waypoint says I haven't yet. It also never updates or changes no matter how many times I play these levels on legendary ...


This is very frustrating if anyone has advice...
I have even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game and still those levels are the only ones that won't unlock the legendary achievements
It seems in not the only one with this issue as I have seen other posts in regards to the same thing.
I am having the same problem, i am going to start halo 2 today and hope i get the achievements i earn.
It's only been on CE all other games unlocked the achievements
this happened to me when i was playing co op, but later the same day the achievements just popped
It's been over a month for me and still no "pop" for the REGRET level on H2.
I have even tried dealing with Xbox live support to clear system cache.. Among other things they had me do, still nothing
got done beating a couple missions in H2. still no achievements for the levels. I get skull and terminal achievements just fine. its only the level ones, i even tried playing a mission over to see if it would help. also i noticed that my missions say complete in game but not on waypoint here hmmm...
Apparently it's a known issue I was told by Microsoft support
I have the same problem ive completed halo 4 on legendary and says im missing last mission and so i dont have that achievement or the one for the while campaign. Im also missing one from halo 2
Same here, had to replay one mission from Anniversary 2 and from Halo 4 on Heroic again to unlock achievements for the respective mission and for the completation of the campaign on Heroic difficulty
Still no feed back from 343? This is getting old!