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Achievements Not Visible in MCC

OP Rogash

Sorry if this is posted elsewhere, I looked through several "view more"s of threads and didn't see anything.

When I try to view my achievements in the Master Chief Collection--both through the in-game method and the Xbox One Achievement ap--I cannot see which achievements I've completed. In-game, it shows 0 achievements in each of the categories and tells me "Could not get data from the server. Please connect to connect to Xbox Live (which I am) and try again." If I try to use the shortcut to the achievements, I get "We weren't able to get achievements for this game right now. Please try again later." When I go into the full ap, I can see that I have unlocked 321 achievements for 2520 / 6000 Gamerscore, but when I select it to see WHICH ones I've unlocked, it shows 321/0 and I can't scroll down into that list like I can with other games (such as Halo 5). Also, this has been going on for several days now. Is this affecting others? If so, have we heard if there is work to fix it? If not, does anyone have any suggestions for how to fix this. Even using a site like True Achievements, it's harder to keep up with what I still need to do when I can't see what I've done.

I use the Xbox app, click achievements, then MCC. Often times it's slow to load, the I select Locked achievements, which again is on the slow side to update.

Other route is progress in game under that career menu.

No idea if this helps at all.

Cheers, Brad
GT SquareRigged
Yeah, those are the two methods that aren't returning any results for me. It is as if I'm not connected to the server, even though I'm able to play online multiplayer. But if it is working on your end, then perhaps it IS something to do with my connection / account.


Edit: And now, about 12 hours later, the in-game achievement list is working. Good enough for me. (As far as I can tell, I didn't do anything different.)
I am currently having the same problem. Has been going on for over a week now. Everything works, stats, medals, matchmaking, everything but achievements. Which is particularly frustrating since I have been achievement hunting a lot. Any other fix ideas?
I am also having this issue.
Also having that issue. Been having it for most of the month. Just have the spinning Cortana circle when I attempt to view them. Hoping it will magically 'resolve,' but it is very frustrating being a user that can't 'use' the system.
I'm also having this issue! Any help/solution?
Hello! Seeing that 343 hasn't helped us with this for months I went ahead and created an forum about this and got a reply from official staff. If you want this resolved, please head here and provide the agent with the info she needs.

Thanks for your time!
Been having the same issue!
I beat hce on legendary and didn't get the achievement
got the same issue
I'm also having the same issue :(
343 can you please do something?