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Adding a voting map system back to reach.


I want to vote for my maps.
Last time map voting was in place; everyone in BTB voted for Halo 3 over, and over, and over again to the point people quit or betray each other for H3 not winning the vote. Thanks to the removal of map voting, the variety of maps being played has now drastically increased.

Hell, I remember in OG Reach people only voted for 3 maps; Forge World (especially Rasu & Hemorrhage), Spire and Boneyard.
I'm with you, I want to be able to vote for maps too.
Yea but to be fair there very few that want to have different maps mainly the randoms if your a tryhard at the game you will understand ex. In reach grifball had dash blargball regular grif majority of the people including tryhards pick regular grif. Now that reach is back we got to play maps we don’t want to play and it’s not enjoyable to play game types we don’t want to play idc about the map it’s mainly the game type. @illusive blue
if map voting won't work, then how about a map vetoing system like halo 3 had? one map gets selected and if enough people veto it, a random one gets selected instead. that way the players have some degree of control of what map gets picked without having the ability to pick the same map or game over and over again.
I agree that map voting was nice, but at the same time it wasn't because after a while it just became a series of the same maps and game types which got rather boring.

If they were to add the option in again I think it would have to be optional. Like before you hit find game and your picking the game's and modes you want also have the option to choose if you want map voting on or not, but that would just split up the player base I think.
They got to do something at this point
The random system they use now is the way to go. After having played Halo with both Veto and Voting, this is the best system.

As someone else pointed out, voting just leads to the same few things getting played over and over and over and over again. The veto system is better than voting. But, veto still leads to idiots screaming into their mic, "Veto, veto, veto this! Come on guys, veto this!", and then they get mad and frustrated when not enough people veto. Both systems lead to people getting mad when not enough of the other players agree with their vote/choice to veto. That's why the random choice is the best. Nobody can get mad at the other players over the map/gametype because player choice was taken out of the equation.
I'd prefer a veto, personally. I dont want to keep playing Spire over and over and over again which will happen when you give the inmates control with a vote.
I'd prefer a veto, personally. I dont want to keep playing Spire over and over and over again which will happen when you give the inmates control with a vote.
But then, everybody would just veto any time Spire isn't the first choice.

Veto is just voting-lite.
I'm no developer, so I can't really express how tough it would be to implement, but it always badfled me that voting was taken out entirely instead if just having the game auto-select a game, and then people vote on the specific map and mode.

I understand that voting for the game had to be removed since people just voted for Halo 3 endlessly, but why not have a system where you aren't voting for the game, but rather just the map and mode specifically?

Maybe its its an issue with the composer that simply couldn't be rectified without bloating matchmaking times or having bugs where you get put into voting pools you didn't opt into via composer? Not sure.