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An idea to revamp playlists


So the biggest challenge MCC will continue to face is playlists. Looking at any halo game, you'd expect a healthy mix of ranked and social playlists.
With MCC having 4 (5 if we are counting h2a) games you obviously can't have like 5-10 playlists per title. So here is my proposal:

Arena (CE/H2C/H2A/H3/H4)
Doubles (CE/H2C/H2A/H3/H4)
Hardcore (H2C/H3)
FFA (CE/H2C/H2A/H3/H4)

Team Slayer (CE/H2C/H2A/H3/H4)
BTB (CE/H2C/H2A/H3/H4)
Action Sack (CE/H2C/H2A/H3/H4)

Ranked or Social or Rotational:
Snipers (CE/H2C/H2A/H3/H4)

Obviously I do not want everything to be cross-game so here is my solution: For each playlist, one can select which games to play. So for example my ranked playlists could look like this:

Arena (CE/H2C/H2A/H3)
Doubles (CE)
Hardcore (H2C)
FFA (H2C/H3)

So for example when playing doubles I would be able to match anyone who has CE selected, even if they also have other games selected. You might be concerned about ranks here. With being able to pick games, one rank per playlist wouldn't really mean anything, right? I think just implementing a rank per game per playlist would be fine. So if my ranks in FFA are 10 (H2C) and 15 (H3) it would either find me a lvl 10 game in h2c or a lvl 15 game in h3 and only that level would be affected by the outcome of the game. As long as you make it obvious to the end user which rank is the one at stake in any given game I think this should be fine.

At worst this would give a given playlist for a given game the population it would have as a stand alone playlist (e.g. everyone who has CE selected in doubles only has CE and no other game selected so the CE population of doubles would be equal to the ce double population we have right now) but has the chance of also matching you with people who have multiple games selected. Some games might just die in some playlists, but they would also if you gave them their own playlist. Given that cross-game playlists continue to be very popular, I think that a lot of people would leave more than 1 game in so I think this would really help with population issues. Even if only say half the people who play H3 Arena right now would also select H2C in my proposal, that would probably double the population of H2C arena that we have right now.
17 ranked playlists!? Thats overkill.
Did you read my post? It's 4
Im against grouping different titles together in a ranked playlist. It needs to be one halo game per playlist for ranked. If anything, all social playlists should be mixed.
You can pick which game to play in that playlist though. You can literally turn any ranked playlist into a 1 game playlist. Having them cross just increases the overall population of each playlist.
oGh L0RCH wrote:
You can pick which game to play in that playlist though. You can literally turn any ranked playlist into a 1 game playlist. Having them cross just increases the overall population of each playlist.
I get that but its still essentially 17 different playlists which is too many and would reduce the population in the overall playlists.
No it is not essentially 17 different playlists. You will see people pick more than 1 game and that will actually increase population. As I said, if only half the people playing H3 Arena right now would select any other game besides h3 in their team arena playlist, that would boost that game's arena population by a lot. At worst you get 17 different playlist, and again if you would have read my post I did mention that, but that would literally mean that every single player would only pick 1 game per playlist. But I do believe that a lot of people would select more than 1 game per playlist which would actually increase population of those playlists vs having them be stand alone. Right now, adding h4 ffa would not make any sense and lead to a dead playlist. With my model, you could actually play h4 ffa as some people would leave it on for the ffa playlist.
I like the idea, but implementing that into the game is another story. The current system/code probably has no provision for doing a choose which games you want to play, unfortunately. I would take it in a heart beat though. I'd select Halo CE through 4 and exclude 3 in a heartbeat.
And how many people do you think would screw it up by setting their only MP game as Halo 3 because that's all they play? That's how we end up with The Halo 3 Collection again.