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OP bigtroubles83

Anyone want to try and put together a custom server so we can at least play this awesome game? I would play all day if there was a server to join or if some people want to join me. I am down to play all maps and all game types. I know there are at least 16 of us out there that want to play. Lets all post our gt's and fill up our friends lists untill matchmaking is fixed. Feel free to add me bigtroubles83 gonna be on all day and night if I can get a match. If I can get some good replies then I will start the server and leave it open for everyone. If we get to many people then we can vote new server learders and have serveral servers. I think this is the only solution to the matchmaking problem right now. come on guys I want to play dammit so lets do this!
I am sure that this would work a lot better in the evening but I want to play now so I will continue to bump
wow starting to look like everyone is giving up
As long as I start with a BR or sniper I will play.
we will be playing everything if we can get some people to play but this topic keeps getting burried to deep to fast
I'm up for joining. GT: xxElite321xx
im in send invite dt4824
the ch0s3n 0n3
ok just a sec guys
I'm in man. I'm itching for some HCE and H2 action.

*note the 'L's are capital 'i's.
GT: itzDublin
wow this is getting old really fast, I cant even connect to anyone. some send me a party invite..... bigtroubles83
anyone else having trouble trying to connect to another player?