I know this will likely not change but I'm really thinking Zero Bloom across the board of MCC Reach would feel so much better than the TU or Vanilla settings.

Just curious to see everyone's thoughts on the current state of the bloom mechanic for Reach. I played a ton of OG Reach and didn't care about TU bloom at the time but coming back after all these years I feel like a full no bloom Reach game would be so much better given the current state of Halo with bloom not being such a decisive factor. Bloom really does take away from the flow of a game and just slows the pace of a game right down.

I can totally understand people wanting a genuine Reach experience but that would also mean full bloom to an extent and that was so bad it was patched in the first place with the introduciton of TU. I know the MLG playlist has it but I feel that the game as a whole would benefit from having a totally seemless experience across all the different playlists.

Thoughts? TU, Zero Bloom or Vanilla??
I would agree

I played a lot of original reach myself and I knew the dmr kinda sucked because of it but I swear mcc reach is nothing like how it used to be (or maybe I'm just not remembering correctly). You can't shoot the broad side of a barn in mcc reach despite looking right at it. I swear everytime you're just dumping your entire clip on someone without doing any damage. I played the hardcore mode and holy crap was that so much more enjoyable.

I don't think there should be zero bloom across the board, though. I think infection should stay untouched. I would say for the rest of the game they should copy hardcore settings, enable motion sensors/ armor abilities, replace armor lock with drop shield and set bloom to be maybe 0- 10% of what it is now.
Don't mind TU settings, personally, but most of my time in reach was in either regular team slayer or the 5v5 squad slayer they had for a time or some rumble pit.

Never played the MLG playlist.

I'll definitely give hardcore a shot on release, wasn't on the flight when the hardcore playlist was open.
A lack of bloom would make it too easy for anyone to score kills. A slight bloom increases the skill gap and encourages better shot placement.
I don’t support zero bloom, it should either be the OG bloom or TU. The multiplayer and DMR were designed around bloom, with zero bloom the TTK with the DMR is drastically reduced and makes the DMR overpowered and way too easy to spam with its quick fire rate, especially on larger maps.
I think TU honestly fits social games the best. Bloom doesn't ruin everything on TU, but you can't laser someone across the map with DMR that way as if it was a power weapon. Social games is there just to have fun and it should stay that way, even if armor lock is the massive parasite it is, if people wanna play that way, let them. Skilled players on social games will still be able to kill from a good distance on TU, but won't be absolute monsters to the point of frustrating newer players, which can help ease the playing field for everyone more.
(specifically talking about Reach here) I dont mind bloom in regular game modes, but I think it should be slightly tweaked so that you can use long-range weapons for their purpose of hitting targets from a longer distance. I am curious if they have thought (and if its already in the game ignore this) of tinkering with damage fall off for the longer-range weapons. To me slightly decreasing bloom and having damage fall off are a good combination. Also, I think Swat should have either minimal bloom or no bloom with damage fall-off
A lack of bloom would make it too easy for anyone to score kills. A slight bloom increases the skill gap and encourages better shot placement.
You can have an opinion on what you prefer but bloom does not increase the skill gap....bloom makes shooting random and certainly does not encourage better shot placement. If it did make the skill gap greater why did MLG introduce zero bloom in the first place?? MLG introduced zero bloom as it takes out the randomness and inconsistency when shooting thus increasing the skill gap. Not sure why people have this idea that increasing the bullet spread and randomised shots increases the skill gap. Its quite the opposite as it introduces randomness (luck aint skill) and increases the time to kill allowing for players to make mistakes without being punished much like armour lock.
I happen to like to the TU version of bloom. I was not a fan of the original bloom when Reach first released. However I am against having no bloom. TU wins for me.
I really want to see the Zero Bloom change put into more playlists than just a single or a few HCS-styled playlists. I appreciate the improvement to the game's gun-play under the Zero Bloom setting, but I also want to be able to use a variety of weapons, have radar, and sprint. I can fully get behind Zero Bloom being administered to all playlists except BTB & Invasion. BTB should use the TU settings in order to minimize cross-map effectiveness while Invasion uses the original settings because I suppose it would give fans of it a location to go to for that particular experience.

I would also add that I was never a fan of the optional loadout choices which undermine the balanced start aspect that Halo had been known for prior to Reach. Also, I vehemently disagree with particular Armor Abilities such as Armor Lock and Active Camo. I'd prefer that the vast majority of playlists restrict players to a single loadout that contained a mobility related ability (either Sprint, Evade, or Jet Pack) so that everyone had the same basic ability at the start of a match while allowing one Hologram and/or Drop Shield ability to be picked-up on the map as a potential optional replacement. My personal preference is that Active Camo always be treated as a Power Up instead of an Armor Ability and that Armor Lock basically be treated as if it never existed. I suppose it could exist as a single optional pick-up for BTB maps (only). IMO, it has no business being on any 4v4 maps.