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Another community update, no mention of MCC. Didn't they promise they would continue to update MCC until it was 100% fixed? I'd say its probably about 75% right now. But if it isn't fixed they're getting 0% of my money on any future games. Fool me once...
Yeah, it's pissing me off that 343i doesn't really understand what a fully fixed game looks like. DICE lost credibility for launching BF4 in a broken state, but now, after 2 years of updates and patches, they have created one of the best Battlefield games ever, and regained respect and credibility from the consumers. 343i releases a broken game, patches it enough to make it limp along until October 2015, then stops supporting it and goes to Halo 5 to milk that game of its money. It is such total crap, honestly.
343i is a garbage company. Between "you must be connected to xbox live", "downloading latest matchmaking data" and 15 minute + search times this game is a horrible mess. Does 343 just not have any quality control or what?
Their promises are about as real as the MCC team.
Yes, of course. They always lie.
You always need to keep your promises